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Exhausted Emmaus Falls to Mt. Mary in Five

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There was not a single person at this tournament that was not tired as not only were the games all pushed back but all matches went to five games. Mt. Mary took a 10-0 lead in the first set as Emmaus seemed out of the match already (25-11). The Emmaus bench appeared anxious to get back in game 2 to show what they were made of. From the beginning one could already tell this was a different team than set 1 as Emmaus took it 25-23. “I’m not really sure what that was Game 1, but it sure wasn’t Emmaus Volleyball. It was key for the girls to bounce back in Game 2 which they did convincingly,” said Coach Strautmann. However, Game 3 said otherwise as Mt. Mary once again took a huge lead and left Emmaus baffled in another loss (14-25). The Lady Eagles would need quite the surge to take this match to 5 and they did exactly that winning 25-23. Set 5 was identical to the one against Grace as the Lady Eagles trailed 8-4. This time Emmaus could not mount a comeback losing 8-15. “I won’t deny today was a LONG day but we are going to face similar days at Nationals so we have to be prepared physically and mentally for these battles, “concluded Coach Strautmann.

An impressive end to an up and down season as the Emmaus Lady Eagles ended the season 4-2 and all close matches. They would now spend the next week and a half preparing for their Nationals in Joplin, Missouri.

Round Three Goes to the Lady Eagles

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Emmaus would have an unexpected third bout with Grace this time on a neutral ground; Mt. Mary. Grace was not messing around as they came out strong in Set 1 taking it 19-25. Grace had just come off a huge win against Mt. Mary taking some games to scores of 33-31 so there was no question they were warmed up and ready to go. Emmaus then went on to take games 2 and 3 by scores of 26-24 and 25-17. At this point it looked as if Emmaus would take another before 5 games but Grace had much to say about this. They took an early lead once again and finished out the set with authority with a score of 25-17. This would bring these two teams to the first game 5 of all their meetings this year. Grace jumped to a 8-4 lead and things were not looking good for the Lady Eagles. Statistically speaking the team to reach 8 points first would run away with the match but today things went a little differently. Emmaus then went on a 11-4 run to close out an up and downhill battle with Grace. “First of all Grace did an awesome job this weekend playing without a couple of their starters as there was not one easy win all weekend. And once again I am extremely impressed with how Lady Eagles have come together under a new setter and lineup at such a critical time of the year, “responded Coach Strautmann.


Emmaus Wins a Thriller on Senior Night

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“Observe, Interpret, APPLY!” This was the new battle cry of the Emmaus crowd led by students John Walker and Caleb Ruter. 

Emmaus had played Grace earlier this year losing in four so they were ready for round 2. Katie Koppen would be setting once again as the injured Bethany Scheer supported from the sideline. Set 1 could not have been played tighter as it was neck in neck the entire set. Both teams were making great plays and covering the court well as the set looked to be coming to an end with an Emmaus lead 24-23. However, Grace would not go away as they brought the score back to 26-26 with it being anybody’s game. Between a couple good serves and solid hitting Emmaus won an intense set 28-26. There was little time to celebrate as set 2 was quickly under way with Emmaus taking a strong early lead of 5-0. After a Grace Timeout they seemed to be right back into it bringing the game close once again. It wasn’t until the end of the match one team seized control as Emmaus won 25-21. Game 3 was just as close as the previous sets but Grace seemed to run out of steam as energized Emmaus ran away with it at the end (25-18).

“This was a huge night not only for the seniors but the whole team as Nationals were just around the corner. These girls are playing their best volleyball right now; very fun to watch," remarked Coach Strautmann.

Dayspring Takes Advantage of New Emmaus Lineup

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Lady Eagles were flying high as they had just won two straight despite being down starting setter Bethany Scheer. Although Emmaus had won the previous matchup against Dayspring (3-1) this would be a completely different ball game. Set 1 both teams came out swinging as rallies were long and bodies were flying. Both teams knew they could not afford to trade points but it wasn’t until the 20’s that this cycle stopped. Score was 22-22 and the game was up for grabs. However, Dayspring won three straight taking the first set. It wasn’t until these final two sets of the weekend that it truly looked like a team with a new setter. Balls were hitting the floor in between players, good decisions were not being made, and it just looked like they didn’t have the same confidence as before. “It was as if the “injury adrenaline” was gone and we all lost the fight for each other. Trust is a HUGE part of volleyball and we all doubted one another towards the end of the match, “Coach Strautmann noted. Dayspring would go on to win 3-0 looking much better in the rematch (17-25, 18-25). Overall this was a successful weekend for both these teams but Emmaus had a few more questions to answer to prepare for the last couple matches and then nationals.

Eagles Win Back to Back Games

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The Lady Eagles would have to recreate the energy from the previous night in order to beat Oak Hills or anyone for that matter. This is now the team they would be playing with for the rest of the weekend and possibly the year so these girls needed to do better than “escape” with wins. Emmaus could not have responded much better as they took the match in 3 sets (25-17, 25-22, 25-17). Oak Hills fought for every point as there wasn’t a game they gave Emmaus breathing room. “I am not aware of how Oak Hills season has been going but I was impressed and encouraged by the girls’ tenacity, attitude, and hustle. In every set there wasn’t a time where they “faded out” or stopped fighting, “observed Coach Strautmann.

Emmaus Eagles Earn Hard-Fought Win

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The idea of winning was becoming a faint memory for the Emmaus Eagles as it had been weeks since their past victory. Tonight they would be tested more than they could have imagined before the weekend started. The game started in a very casual fashion as teams were half-heartedly winning and losing plays. There wasn’t a moment in the match that either team was leading by more than 3 points. Game 1 would go to “overtime” as both teams met at 24. However, the match couldn’t have ended any worse as on the last point setter Bethany Scheer went up for a block and landed wrong. “This was so hard for me to see as I could see the sadness and frustration in her eyes, and it was not because of the physical pain. We had two minutes to pull together and train our back up setter, Katie Koppen, “said Coach Strautmann.

All hope seemed to be lost as the first few plays there was an obvious struggle for everyone to be in the right position. Many people were moved around and there was a setter playing the position for the first time. However, Emmaus seemed to be more unified than before knowing they all needed to work together now more than ever. Although there was still moments of confusion Emmaus came out on top (25-22). Game 3 Emmaus kept pushing with the same intensity winning 25-22 once again. One would not have imagined a game 4 with Emmaus having the chance to win but here they were. Oak Hills responded well finding the weaknesses in the new Emmaus Defense and taking game 4 (23-25). At this point Oak Hills had all the momentum and they used it well starting Game 5 with a lead of 3-8. Statistically the team that hits 8 points first in Game 5 wins simply because the set is shorter and more intense. However, Emmaus made on last push that put them on a 11-4 run taking the match. “This was an amazing comeback to see. An injury that could have given the girls every reason to lose hope and fall out of competition, but they came together for a huge win, “concluded Coach Strautmann. Koppen walked into the locker room to a hearty applause and the Lady Eagles ended the night in prayer for their setter Bethany Scheer.


Moody Takes It in Three

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Emmaus would now play Moody on a neutral ground as they had lost 0-3 on Moody’s court. Moody came out strong taking a 4-0 lead and from there they were out of reach for the struggling Eagles (14-25). Set 2 and 3 began and ended in similar fashion as the Archers were too much for Emmaus to handle (13-25, 14-25). “Every time we answered with a good play, Moody would answer back with three of their own. Overall though, I’ve seen some good things out of the girls this weekend and we are all excited to play at home the following few matches, “observed Coach Strautmann. Emmaus would indeed need to come together this next weekend as Nationals were starting to creep in on the calendar.


Emmaus Keeps Up in Close Loss to Grace

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This was the first meeting for the two teams as they were eyeing one another in warm-ups. One could see that this game was up for grabs as neither team seemed overpowering the other. The Emmaus Eagles came out strong taking the game to a 13-7 lead before Grace had to take a timeout. Grace came out from the timeout with a new first as they quickly climbed back into it taking a late lead 19-20. An Emmaus timeout would not slow down the momentum as Grace finished the set 20-25. Emmaus went on strong pulling ahead again in the second set. However, this time around they were able to hang out with a thrilling 25-23 victory. Game 3 came around and once again both teams were fighting for every point. Once both teams met at 20 Grace once again finished the set off strong (20-25). Emmaus needed another push to get back into this match. Grace would make this very difficult as they made hardly any errors and put all the pressure on the Emmaus defense. Emmaus would lose a tough one 11-25.


Maranatha Sweeps Emmaus

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Past experiences would lead one to believe that this would be a tough one for the Emmaus Eagles. The first few points of the match proved otherwise as the two teams were trading points and having long rallies. It wasn’t until the middle of the first set that Maranatha seemed to take over and win convincingly 10-25. The second set started the same way as Emmaus appeared to be giving Maranatha a run for their money, but once again Maranatha’s consistent passing kept every play alive (13-25). “We were making good passes and hitting some good balls but Maranatha covered the court extremely well, “observed Coach Stautmann. The third set Emmaus hung with Maranatha toe to toe up to point 11 and 12. At this point Maranatha seemed to be unstoppable as they closed out the match giving very few points away (15-25). “The girls proved to themselves they could make some good plays against a very talented team in Maranatha, “said Coach Strautmann. The Lady Eagles would need to bring this confidence into their next match against Grace the following morning.


Calvary Puts Emmaus Defense to the Test

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There were still memories of the hard losses the Lady Eagles had against this Calvary team the previous year. This was going to be a huge test as Calvary offense tends to always keep the opponent guessing. And guessing was the name of the match as it never seemed like Emmaus could come up with an answer to the many weapons of Calvary. “They have a setter who is a strong leader and a talented player. She made our ladies work extra hard for every point, “observed Coach Strautmann. Emmaus trailed during all three sets as they could not get rhythm going early. Although with hard work and tenacity Emmaus was still able to keep the first two set close (20-25, 19-25). By set 3 there seemed to be little response to the tips and quick offense of Calvary. They closed set 3 out with a score of 13-25. “We were not fully prepared for this game and I take responsibility for that. We know what we need to work on and do differently. If we see them in nationals, we will be ready," responded Coach Strautmann.