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Tonight's Games Broadcasted

Posted by jfullan on January 31, 2014 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Tonight's Basketball games are available live at the link provided below. The Lady Eagles will be playing at 6pm with eh guys starting their game right after them at 8pm. Tune in and cheer on your eagles from the comfort of your dorm room or house!


Meet Freshman Annie Schaeckenbach

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1. Tell us about where you are from, when you started playing basketball, and what brought you to Emmaus.

I am from Iowa City, Iowa. This is my first year playing basketball! I decided to come to Emmaus because I wanted to learn from a biblical perspective and be part of a strong Christian community that will help me to grow in my faith.

2. What is your major?

My major is youth ministry!

3. What is your favorite memory on the field or involving basketball?

One of my favorite memories about basketball is the road trips. We have so much fun watching movies, singing, laughing, talking, drinking coffee. It is just fun to hang out with your teammates.

4. What is your favorite junk food?

My favorite junk food would have to be sour patch kids and homemade chex mix. :)

5. What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is At the End of the Spear.

6. Favorite verse/passage of Scripture?

One of my favorite verse/passage in the Bible is James 4:8 which says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” I love this verse because it encourages me to continue to seek God with all my heart, and I know that He will be faithful to answer me.

7. Tell us why you feel students should come support Emmaus' sports teams.

Students at Emmaus should do their best to come and support the sports teams. When we get a huge crowd in the gym, it makes the game so much more exciting, and it really helps the players! Also, you will feel like you are connected with the school and student body when you are cheering like crazy with everyone else for the same purpose.

Alumnus Ashleigh Wilson Announced as Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

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Ashleigh Wilson will be serving this year as Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach. In 2012, she acquired her Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and Music Education at Emmaus. While attending Emmaus, she played all four years of basketball and was a team captain during her senior year. Ashleigh now resides in Dubuque where she teaches music at Roosevelt Middle School.

Alumnus Kyle Graw Announced as Head Women's Basketball Coach

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We are excited to announce alumnus Kyle Graw as Head Women’s Basketball Coach for the 2013-2014 season! Kyle graduated with his Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry from Emmaus in 2010. He played basketball at Emmaus alongside Athletic Director Luke Wilkerson from 2007-2010. Kyle and his wife Tina have a son, Elijah, and a daughter, Laila Rose.

Lady Eagles Land First Recruit for 2012

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Jamie Jones will join the Lady Eagles basketball team for the upcoming season. She is a 2011 graduate of Center Point-Urbana High (Center Point, IA), where she played for Coach Philip Klett. Jamie brings an all-around game to the team, with experience as both a post player and a wing. She is transferring from the University of Northern Iowa, and will double major in Biblical Studies and Elementary Education at Emmaus. Her parents are Paul & Cheri Jones, and her older brother Brian will be a junior in the Computer Information Systems department.