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Meet Junior Middle Blocker Taylor Kaczinski

Posted by jfullan on August 23, 2013 at 10:40 AM

1. Tell us about where you are from, when you started playing volleyball, and what brought you to Emmaus.

My name is Taylor Kaczinski and I am from Charlotte, Iowa. It's just a small country town in the middle of nowhere, that no one knows about, but it's home and I love it. I started playing volleyball in 7th grade and played up through my freshman year in high school. I heard about Emmaus through my church family and I knew I wanted to go to a college that was biblically rooted and I wanted to be challenged from God's Word to grow stronger in my walk with Christ. Choosing Emmaus Bible College was one of the best decisions I ever made.


2. What is your major?

My major is Counseling Psychology.


3. What is your favorite junk food?

I love to eat ice cream. My favorite is mint chocolate chip.


4. Favorite movie?

I love the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. My favorite movie of the three is The Fellowship of The Ring.


5. Favorite Memory on the court or involving volleyball?

Last season, whenever someone would have a really good kill during our practices, we would say that they 'threw it on the ground'. We really wanted to make that our theme for that year, but of course, it had to be biblical. And it really wasn't. When we were traveling on the road one evening, Katie Ryan was reading through the Old Testament and came across Exodus 4:3. She read it out loud and we were all dying laughing. Bad Hermeneutics, but it worked.


6. Cat or Dog person?

I am not really crazy about cats or dogs but I have two cats (Odie and Guppy) that I share a love-hate relationship with. I love torturing them and they hate me.


7. What reason would you give prospective students for coming to Emmaus?

I think that anyone who is serious about their relationship with the Lord and seeking to grow, should definitely come to Emmaus. What you learn at Emmaus is life-changing and the Emmaus family community rocks.

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