Eagles Persevere but Cannot Overcome Top-Ranked Teams

This past weekend, the Emmaus Eagles traveled to Kansas to face off against the #1
and #2 teams in the conference.

First up was Barclay College. The Eagles knew they were in for a fight but were 
eager to match them blow for blow. Playing their best game of the season, Emmaus 
showed everyone who was watching that they could compete with quality opponents, when playing smart and as a team.

Down by 6 at the half, the Eagles came out with the same drive and pushed Barclay 
throughout the first ten minutes. Emmaus was able to take the lead at the 13 minute 
mark but Barclay's experience and maturity was too much to overcome. Bloated by 
free throws at the end, the Eagles would fall 97-82 in a game that was closer than 
that final score.

Coach Wilkerson said, "When we play at our best, mentally & physically, 
we can compete in every game that we play. We showed that tonight. We need to 
continue to trust in each other and commit to doing the right things at all times."

The following game had Emmaus face off against the top team in the conference, 
Manhattan Christian. Manhattan looked ready to play from the start as they stormed 
out to an early lead. Emmaus would push back and bring the score close but it would 
not be the Eagles' day as they gave up 34 turnovers in the game, 24 of them in the 
first half. Manhattan would cruise to an easy victory 91-47.

"We had a great start to the games this weekend and an unfortunate ending," Coach 
Wilkerson stated. "It showed the heights that can be reached if we play to our 
potential and it showed the depths we can fall to when we revert back to not playing 
team basketball and being disciplined. The upcoming tournaments will be defined 
by every individual being willing to cast aside any thoughts of individualism and 
buy-in to the team concept. I believe that we will continue to make steps in the 
right direction next week."

The week of the February 8 starts with a game on Monday against Faith Baptist followed by 
weekend games against both CCCB and St. Louis Christian.