Reflections from the National Tournament – Day 3

Lady Eagles Volleyball: Reflections from the National Tournament Day 3

The Lady Eagles share some of their experiences from Greenville!

Senior Elizabeth Brame:
We started the day bright and "early" heading over to Bob Jones for a 9:00 practice - the final one of the season. After 2 days in a car, and 4 days since we last practiced, it is fair to say we were a little stiff and rusty to begin. However, by the end, we really pulled it together and it felt like a solid practice. Homework and hanging out was how we spent the next few hours, then off to Bojangles for lunch! It was many of our first times going, and I would have to say that their chicken and biscuits are top-notch. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to write Christmas cards to veterans through the Red Cross. We mingled with the girls from Johnson University and had a grand time listening to Christmas songs :). Finally, at 7:30, we had our opening banquet with some snazzy food, awards, and a time of singing with our fellow sisters in Christ. It was a nice reminder that above all our competitive volleyball, we are united as a body of believers. Tomorrow, the games shall begin!

Junior Alli Howard:
We started off day three by waking up at the crack of dawn - 8 am. After a delicious continental breakfast at our hotel, us Emmaus Lady Eagles made our way to Bob Jones for our early morning practice. We had a much needed, hour-long practice to shake off our rust from lack of practice the past few days. We went back to the hotel for much needed R & R, and then we all eventually got ready for our service project. In the meantime, Coach Pitman, Wynne, and I made an essential Wal-Mart run for food, ribbons, hair gel, and foundation. Once we returned we had lunch at Bojangles, an amazing southern chain that needs to make its way up to Iowa. Next, the Eagles and Johnson University did our service project at the American Red Cross. We wrote Christmas cards and made holiday posters for veterans who are currently in assisted living facilities. I thought that this was an amazing service project and opportunity for all of us. We then returned to the hotel and got ready for the Awards Banquet hosted by Bob Jones. Hannah Postma was awarded 1st Team All-American (yay!!!) and Vivienne Yates, Elizabeth Brame, Savannah Peterson, Hannah Postma, and myself were awarded NCCAA Scholar Athletes (yes, nerds unite!). After awards, most teams came together and worshipped together. We ended the night by trying to find more Blue Bell ice cream, but unfortunately we were unsuccessful (hopefully we will find some tomorrow!). Now we are lounging around, talking about tomorrow. We are so very excited about our games the next couple of days! :-)

Sophomore Nicole Gordon:
Today the Lady Eagles practiced at Bob Jones University at 9 in the morning, getting a feel for the gym. It was surreal practicing in a big gym with a huge stadium (we may have gotten lost a couple times). We returned back to our hotel for a couple hours before we had lunch at Bojangles. You know you're in the south when the ice tea, fried chicken and biscuits are the best you've ever had. The highlight of my day was getting to volunteer at the Red Cross making Christmas cards and posters for veterans. We decorated cards with the Johnson University volleyball team for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun interacting with the other team and getting to experience it with them. We then got ready for the banquet that the NCCAA puts on for all the teams. The best part of the night was singing worship songs with a few of the other teams at Bob Jones University. It was the perfect way to end the night, giving glory to our God who blessed us with this amazing opportunity. Tomorrow we get ready to play volleyball!

Freshman Lyndra Davis:
We started our morning with a 9am practice. The Lady Eagles got a feel of playing on the court where we were able to shake off the rust from sitting in the car for 14hrs. Experiencing the gym that we will be playing in was so exciting and also very confusing, because we got lost a few times. Following practice, we ate at Bojangles, the famous chicken and biscuits fast food place. After lunch, we volunteered with Johnson University at the Red Cross where we got to make Christmas cards for the veterans and sing Christmas songs. Later that night, we all got dressed up for the NCCAA banquet. Dinner was yummy because I got to eat mac & cheese for the second time today! We ended the night by worshiping the Lord with the other teams in the national tournament. All I have to say is that it's good to be back in the South y'all!