Reflections from Nationals - Days 1 and 2

Reflections from Nationals - Days 1 and 2
by Emma Reibling (Sophomore), Verah Banasky (Freshman), Morgan Thiessen (Freshman)
On Monday we got on the road around 3 pm, leaving Emmaus excited to make our way to South Carolina!  After a couple hours on the road, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  It was snowing, so coach needed to get a picture of the team in the snow, since it is an accomplishment to still be playing volleyball with snow on the ground.  Then we got back on the road and traveled til around 11 pm before reaching our hotel.
We woke up early the next day to get on the road - and got to see the amazing pancake machine work its best at breakfast!  The morning was full of sleeping and homework for most people.  We stopped for a late lunch at a southern restaurant - Cookout!  It was so good, and the team enjoyed the time out of the car to stretch their legs.  Then we began to make our way through the mountains, which were beautiful with all the autumn leaves decorating the trees.  Finally we made it to our hotel in Greenville, right on schedule.  After an hour or so to clean up, the team ate out at Dixie Family Restaurant, a local restaurant with delicious homemade food.  They were so kind to us and served us well!  We then went back to the hotel add relaxed.  Some played games and some got unpacked.  We ended the night with a team meeting, and were excited to get things started in the morning!
'We are super excited to have this opportunity and are looking forward to our time on the court!" - Emma Reibling
"We stopped at our first sketchy gas station of the season.  Let's just say it was an experience we'll never forget!" - Verah Banasky
"It was a different experience looking out the window and seeing towering mountains instead of the flat prairies of Canada.  And yes Mom, I did bring my homework with me!" - Morgan Thiessen